Rental FAQs

How much do you charge to find a tenant?

We charge a fee equal to one month’s rental amount which includes pricing research, extensive marketing, scheduling appointments and showings, tenant applications and screening. For details see Tenant Procurement

How much does it cost for monthly management?

We charge 8% of the monthly rental amount. For details see Property Management

Do you charge anything for lease renewal?

We charge 50% of the rental amount or $1000., whichever is less.

How many properties do you manage?

We have approximately 400 properties under management throughout Metro Atlanta.

Where do you advertise?

Our rentals are marketed on the FMLS, GAMLS,, Zillow, Trulia and dozens of rental and real estate websites.

What is your screening process?

Our screening includes credit, employment, residential history and criminal background.

How long does it take to screen a tenant?

Typically within a few days but this depends on the promptness of third parties such as employers and past landlords.

What is the pet deposit required from the tenant?

We require a pet deposit of 50% of the rental amount which is fully refundable.

Do you inspect the property?

We do a move-in/move-out inventory which requires the tenant to be present and to verify condition at move-in and at move-out.

Can I ask for a higher rental amount than you suggest?

Yes, but it is highly discouraged. Tenants are very price sensitive and to have your house sit vacant a month or more to try and capture an extra $100+ dollars will be far more detrimental to your bottom line.

Is there an owner reserve and how much is it?

Yes. We hold $200 for small repairs necessary to be completed at the property. If repairs are more costly, we will discuss options and payment.

What is the term of the management agreement?

Our term is for 1 year and runs concurrent with the start of the lease date.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

Yes, I do. If for any reason you are unhappy with the services provided, simply put it in writing and give me 30 days to correct the issue. If you are still unsatisfied, I will agree to terminate the management agreement.

Do you visit the property?

We do a mid-term visit to the property and do a walk through/visual inspection of the home. If you prefer quarterly visits (I do not recommend more than that due to a tenants right to quiet enjoyment), this can be arranged for an additional cost of $75.00 per visit. 

Can I choose to manage the property on my own?

Of course. This would be a Lease Without Management where we would only be responsible for finding a qualified tenant. You will be responsible to provide your own lease, do the move-in/move-out inventory and deal with the tenant directly. The fee is equal to one month’s rental amount.

When do I receive my rental payment?

We make payment to owners between the 15th and 18th of the month based on FDIC compliance rules. We do offer an option to be paid between the 6th and 8th for $20.00 per month.

Can you help me sell my home when I’m done being a landlord?

Absolutely. In addition to property management I make the process easy for my landlords when it’s time to market their home for sale.  

Can I meet the tenants once they move in?

We highly discourage any interaction between our landlord clients and tenants if you have us manage the property. It is our duty to represent and protect the best interests of our landlord clients and to have a tenant bypass us making requests to you directly can cause confusion and even perhaps jeapordize our lease agreement should we have to defend a position in court.

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