Fine Home Rental Management

Our monthly property management includes the following services:

– Use of proprietary, attorney reviewed rental agreement and forms.

– Carefully conducted move-in/move-out inventory.

– Collect maximum monthly rents.

– Collect maximum amounts for security deposits.

– Collect maximum amounts for pet deposits (if applicable).

– Use a real estate trust account to process and retain all deposits.

– Service tenant periodic needs in coordination with you when appropriate.

– Process contract terminations and evictions (if necessary).

– Ensure compliance with Georgia landlord/tenant law and other applicable laws.

– Ensure compliance with federal/state fair housing laws.

– Conduct comprehensive, legally binding, move-in and move-out inventories.

– Conduct periodic property inspections and report findings to you.

– Coordinate minor maintenance services while keeping you informed.

– Coordinate major maintenance services in consultation with you.

– Coordinate utility services between occupancies with you.

– Generate a monthly financial report.

– Annual financial summary generated for you.

– File Form 1099-MISC with the IRS.

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