Motivated Buyer Rebate FAQs

How are you able to offer a commission rebate?
By being efficient through technology and by only working with ready and motivated home buyers. The buyers I choose to work with are pre-qualified for their loan or can provide proof of funds, know where they want to live and are ready to close in 45 days or less. ​​

Am I required to disclose that I am receiving a rebate?
Yes, the law requires disclosure of the rebate to all parties (lender, seller, attorney, etc.) involved in the transaction and will be listed in the purchase contract. It is extremely important to discuss the rebate with your lender ASAP and make sure that the rebate amount being offered will not be an issue for your loan approval.

Can we visit open houses or new home communities on our own without you?
Yes, but it’s very important to list us as your buyer’s agent upon the first contact with the agent. If not, the agent can claim that you were their customer and will not pay or pay a reduced commission.

I already visited a new home community and started working with the builder/salesperson. Can I still receive the rebate?
Maybe. This will depend on how far along in the sales process you are and whether they required us to register you on your first visit. You will need to discuss contact the builders salesperson and tell them you want to work with a buyer’s agent.

Is there a minimum purchase price required to receive the rebate?
No, but we require a minimum net commission of $3000. at closing.

I have to sell my home first. Do you offer a low cost listing option?
Yes. contact me to see how we can save you thousands in commissions when selling.

Do I have to sign an agreement to receive a rebate?
Yes. A Buyer’s Brokerage Agreement is required by law in order to receive a rebate. The agreement provides protection to all parties by spelling out the terms of the rebate and the agency relationship in the transaction. However, if we’re not a good fit, either of us can cancel the agreement in writing and move on.

Are there any fees or costs that I will be responsible for?
There is an MLS Office Administration fee of .0012% of the sales price ($120 per $100,000) that will be deducted from your rebate at closing.

How and when will I receive my rebate?
The rebate is paid at closing to be used towards your closing costs. We do not pay any proceeds outside of closing.

Do I have to pay taxes on my rebate?
We do not dispense tax advice. If you have tax questions regarding receipt of the rebate, contact a tax professional before signing up or ask us for a referral.

What areas do you offer your services in?
We can offer our services anywhere in Georgia for new construction homes. For resale homes, we offer our services in north Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Location can be a factor depending on where you are, so call us to see if we can still help.

Is it legal to receive a rebate from a real estate agent?
Yes, it is legal to receive a rebate in Georgia. In fact, it’s illegal not to allow rebates. That’s called “price fixing” and falls under the “anti-trust” provisions of federal law. State Real Estate Commissions around the country have been receiving a lot of scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) because of their policies restricting rebates in real estate. Learn about Rebates on

I’m already working with a buyer’s agent, but I want to work with you?
If you were working with an agent and you signed a Buyer’s Brokerage Agreement, you will need to provide us with documentation from the agent showing the agreement was terminated and that you will not be placing an offer on any home they showed you. We do not contact agents and ask for you to be released from any agreement.

Is this a government program?
No. The rebate is provided by a real estate broker and is deducted from the commission paid by the seller to the real estate broker. Any one is eligible to receive the rebate provided they comply with the terms and conditions stated on this website, the  brokerage agreement and state law.

Can we use this program on short sales or foreclosures?
Sorry, we do not offer this for foreclosures or short sale properties.